HM_No5_Aaron_Peterman Aaron Peterman

Who is your favorite Mannerist?
This is pretty much a tie between Pontormo and Parmigianino.  Although generally Parmigianino’s work appeals to me, the color and composition of Pontormo’s Entombment makes it one of my favorite Mannerist paintings.

You’ve been commissioned to make erotic wallpaper for your favorite porn star. Who is your favorite porn star?
I’ll go with that cutie Brent Corrigan, although for art making I usually turn to amateurs. No offense, Brent.

You’re given eternal youth and immortality, but only within the confines of Universal Studios, Florida. Take it or leave it?
Take it.  If immortality exists, then I assume I can live in Hogwarts and learn magic with Harry Potter?