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1. What TV character you most love to hate?
TV characters are written in such shades of grey now that I can’t love/hate any of them. One week the hero is delivering a baby, and the next he is shooting tear gas into a crowd of student protesters. I’ll have to go with the abuela from the classic PBS series Que Pasa, USA?

2. You’ve just woken up after being asleep for two years—what’s the first thing you eat?
Probably whatever is in my IV tube, right? Liquid chum or whatever they fill those things with. If you mean mouth food, I’m not sure what food choices would be available to me 2 years into the future but I’ll go with whitefish stuffed with bottled water caps.

3. Multiple choice: It’s better to be  a)  lost in a city where you don’t understand anyone, but they can understand you, or b) lost in a city where no one understands you, but you can understand them.
I’d feel comfortable in either scenario because I know that I would either be in a 13-year old’s dream or an elaborate sci-fi novel with a big twist two-thirds of the way through.