Headmaster is taking control of the big screens for AV Club, a day-long video program on Saturday, June 13th at The Stable (located at 125 Washington Street in downtown Providence). AV Club is one stop along the Washington Street Cultural Corridor, a day-long public art project organized by The Avenue Concept in conjunction with the inaugural Providence International Arts Festival, presented by FirstWorks and the City of Providence.

AV Club features short non-narrative work by three recent Headmaster contributors (J.R. Uretsky and Matthew Underwood of Providence, as well as Estonian artist Jaanus Samma, whose pastoral 2011 video Applied Art For A Gay Club partially inspired the project). AV Club also features work by previous Headmaster contributor Ivan LOZANO of Chicago, as well as Aaron Pexa of Providence, Paul Marcus Rodriguez of Los Angeles, and the Philadelphia duo Kris & Will.

In addition to the video projects, Headmaster is celebrating the release of its seventh issue from 4-7pm that day.