Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! From May 6-10, we’re asking you to thank your teachers and we’re offering prizes every day to those of you that show the most appreciation.

Check back daily for prompts. You can also find out every day at noon EDT on our Twitter and Facebook pages, if that’s easier for you.


For our Teacher Appreciation Week grand finale, we want you to tell us: Who was the first teacher you ever had a thing for? Whether it was an innocent crush or a serious infatuation, tell us a little bit about him (or her) in an email to Whoever sends us the best story by 2pm tomorrow will win a two-issue subscription to Headmaster.






For his Headmaster No. 5 assignment, we asked Chris Bogia to read The Carniverous Lamb, Agustin Gomez-Arcos’ rather scandalous 1975 novel about one really messed up family in post-Franco Spain. For today’s giveaway, we’d like to know what your favorite homoerotic novels are. Email us ( the author, the title, and a one-sentence review by noon EDT tomorrow. Feel free to enter as many times as you like; each novel listed (and reviewed) will be considered a separate entry.

Tomorrow we’ll choose one winner at random, who will receive one of our Matias Uris prints (speaking of Spain…)




We were racking our brains trying to decide what to ask you guys for today, and then we remembered something: there’s a mirror on the cover of the new issue! So for today’s contest we’d like you to take photos in the mirror. email your entries to us ( by noon EDT tomorrow. We’ll choose our favorite and the winner will receive an Antonio Variações Headmaster t-shirt, illustrated by Monica Shinn. Creativity is encouraged! Which you should know by now.





Headmaster No. 5 contributor Nathan Prouty was given an assignment about Alan Turing, the celebrated English mathematician, cryptanalyst, computer scientist and homosexual. Prouty responded with five ceramic pieces based on Turing’s work, including his deciphering of the Enigma code during World War II.

Today’s assignment is fairly easy. We just want you to complete the following sentence: Math is sexy because…

Email your answers to by noon EDT on Wednesday. One lucky winner will receive a two-issue subscription to Headmaster.



For Headmaster No. 5 we assigned Aaron Peterman a project about Mannerism, the post-Renaissance art movement marked by elongated bodies, distorted features, and unnatural colors. Aaron definitely put the Man back in Mannerism, and tomorrow one lucky person will win Salutation, a 6″ X 9.5″ print featured in the issue as part of his final project.*

Here’s what you need to do to win. Tell us who your favorite man in art is. A Greek statue? A Tom of Finland drawing? A nineteenth century oil painting? Email us the artist, the title and the date of the piece along with a short paragraph explaining why you appreciate this man so much.

We’ll select one winner at noon [EDT] tomorrow.

[*We printed an edition of thirty of these prints, twenty-nine of which have already been claimed by people who pre-ordered subscriptions. So this is your ONLY chance to get this print.]