HM_No_6_Bio_CozzensIan Cozzens
October 29, 1978; Washington D.C.
current city:
Secret Door Projects, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter

What is your earliest musical memory?
I had one of those things with a circle of rainbow bells on a central pivot, you could tap them with a stick to make notes… I remember many occasions of spinning it and holding the stick to the bells to make what must have been the most annoying (yet melodious) eternal rainbow scale ever… then you stick the stick between the bells and there’s a big CLONK and the whole thing flips over. Hours of entertainment!

What era of music are you currently most interested in?
In general: right now!? I like watching things change & develop. The musical era/scene I wish I’d been a participant in when it was happening: Chicago house in the 80s.

Three Favorite Tumblrs?
medievalpoc, tendertough, rainbowrollspo