Starting tomorrow, Headmaster is handing over its Instagram account to Chicago-based artist Ivan LOZANO, who contributed to Headmaster No. 3.

In LOZANO’s own words:

When asked to take over Headmaster’s Instagram, I considered what sorts of things happen there, and, being the first artist to hijack this account (*blushes*), what sorts of things could, or should happen there. I decided that, as an alumni, perhaps some insight into my studio process -a “behind the scenes”- would be interesting. I already use my personal Instagram as a sketchbook for new projects, so why not overshare on a bigger stage? I have a bit of an obsession with dead gay porn stars, not because I’m morbid but because I’m Catholic  (ok fine, I totally am morbid). They’re martyrs, cautionary tales, characters in a soap opera, and for me, allegorical figures to explore spirituality and the meaning of digital images in the Internet age. I’ve just started working on a project about failed utopias, Adam Faust, and the symbolism of palm trees. In the next week, I’ll be posting studio shots, bits of research, experiments and other ephemera.

LOZANO’s Instagram residency will last one week. Join him by following @HeadmasterMagazine and by searching hashtag #hmSpecialGuest.


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