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US Constitution at the headshoppe

Headmaster is marking Presidents Day with a new item at the Headshoppe, one we created ourselves. The Constitution of the United States of America is a glossy 18 in. x 24 in. poster composed, ransom note style, with clippings from – you guessed it – magazines. The posters are numbered and printed in an unlimited edition, because we believe there should be enough Constitution out there for everyone.

Five dollars from each poster sale will be donated to the Rhode Island chapter of the ACLU.  



Kinky Needles at the headshoppe
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and wwe’re now carrying twelve sexy handcut paper silhouettes from KINKY NEEDLES. Juan Diego, the artist behind Kinky Needles, creates gay erotic embroidery and papercuts from his base in southern Spain. These twelve intricate, one-of-a-kind silhouettes are being sold exclusively at the headshoppe through Valentine’s Day. Each piece features men in a range of playful positions, alone and in pairs, from gentle closeups of phalluses to more hardcore pairings. Each Valentine-sized papercut is bordered by an 8″x10″ matte, making these delicate black and white pieces easy to frame.



Least Wanted by Mark Michaelson
December’s Headshoppe item has arrived. It’s a series of vintage mugshots from the collection of Least Wanted. Handsome burglars, creepy loiterers, and one owner of obscene materials, as well as a few other intriguing pieces of ephemera. Each piece is original and one of a kind, just like a snowflake. From New York City to Alameda, California, these are pieces you’ll want to snap up quickly.





Headmaster Holiday Bowl at BreakTime in Pawtucket, RI
Headmaster is celebrating all those made-up shopping holidays with a buy-1-get-2 offer. Order any issue of Headmaster and receive a free second issue which you can give to a friend or hoard away for your own enjoyment.

We are also throwing a holiday party. Headmaster Holiday Bowl is taking place on Wednesday, December 14th from 8-11pm at BreakTime Bowl & Bar in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Come enjoy the sounds of DJ Spartina szczePANIK! and reserve yourself a lane if you are so inclined.

Jean Lorrain's novella Monsieur de Bougrelon
The newest addition to Headshoppe is Monsieur de Bougrelon, an 1897 novella by Jean Lorrain. This book tells the story of a mysterious old dandy who leads two other men on a tour of Amsterdam. The book was just published in English for the first time by Spurl Editions. Translator Eva Richter wrote the afterword. You can read more about it here.


In other Headmaster news, we were interviewed by Vice a couple of weeks ago. Read it here.



Hard-On Harry Cup by Flight From Fear09.01.16

The latest offering from Headshoppe is Hard-On Harry, a ceramic cup by Providence collective Flight From Fear. The 12-ounce slip cast cup is available exclusively from Headshoppe for the month of September. You can buy Harry on his own, in a set of two, or as part of a collection that includes Hunk (8 oz.) and Naked Cowboy (4 oz.)


In other Headmaster news, we’re excited to be exhibiting in Brooklyn at the inaugural Independent Art Book Fair from September 16-18. The following weekend we’ll be back in Providence for RIPExpo.


Month number two of Headshoppe features Hard-On Harry, a 12-oz. ceramic cup from Providence collective Flight From Fear. You can buy Harry alone, in a set of two, or as part of a three-cup set that features the 8-oz. Hunk and the 4-oz. Naked Cowboy.


In other news, we’ve got two events going on this month: we’ll be in Brooklyn for the Independent Art Book Fair from September 16-18, and the following we’ll be back in Providence for RIPExpo.



Headmaster is excited to unveil Headshoppe, the latest iteration of its online store. Each month, Headshoppe will be the place to find a single hand-selected item chosen by the magazine’s editors. Each item will be selected with our smart, sexy, savvy Headmaster readers in mind. We’re kicking things off with the Woodward Avenue Belt by Hex Detroit, a small company whose belts feature buckles crafted from real hex nuts. You can get yours today at the brand-new Headshoppe, and soon everyone will be telling you how nice your nuts are.


Jade Yumang, Weeklies


Headmaster is now having a Super Summer Sale, with 25% off all magazines and free domestic shipping on ALL items at the Headmaster Shoppe.

We have also added three exciting new pieces by Jade Yumang: two cut paper works made using free weekly magazines, and a small three-dimensional piece entitled Page 21 (Hombre 2.10).