Well, here we are. Cyber Monday. And we’ve got some news for you!

First off, we’re having a sale! Visit the Headmaster shoppe to stock up on Headmaster gift sets, the perfect thing to give the discerning man-lover in your life. And check out our new Antonio t-shirts by Monica Shinn! We’re printing these in a very limited edition so pre-order yours now.

Second off, our friends at Manhunt are having a contest as part of Manhunt Daily’s Reader Appreciation Month. Send us a story of five sentences—no more, no less—about a fictional encounter that you would like to have with a celebrity. It doesn’t need to be dirty—although this is a Manhunt-based contest, so keep that in mind—and at the end of the week we’ll be choosing our favorite. We’ll also be featuring some of our favorites here on the website.

Speaking of which, welcome to our new website! It now features videos as well as a news blog that’s a lot better-looking than our old news page.

Finally, look out for Headmaster in New York at the Bureau of General Services — Queer Division and in Providence at the Yellow Peril Gallery’s new Collect pop-up store.  Both of these stores are stocking Headmaster through the end of the year (and beyond).

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