Margo Ovcharenko (b. 1989, Krasnodar, Russia) is a Moscow-based photographer. Inspired by Flemish painting and classical sculpture, her interests include light, color, and the idea of silence.

Gender roles in contemporary Russia are at the forefront of her work, and her photographs deal with beauty standards, inimacy, hidden despair, and trying to define the thin line between grown-ups and teenagers. Ovcharenko chooses not to pose her subjects, intuitively revealing the fragile vulnerability of young adults. Her models are sometimes friends, but more often people that she just met on the internet. She enjoys the challenge of taking intimate portraits of people she has only just met.

Recently, Ovcharenko has had solo exhibitions in Paris and St. Petersburg; her work was also selected for the 2012 Houston FotoFest biennial.

Ovcharenko graduated from The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia in 2011, and is represented by Russiantearoom Gallery, Paris. Selected prints are available through Aperture Foundation, New York.