I was born the third and youngest child to a handsome sailor and a beautiful Italian lady.
We traveled around and lived in many places. I got married at the age of twenty, came
out at 27, divorced at 28.

I saw a lot of guys like António in the early 80’s, sweet men who finally could be their queer
righteous exuberant loving selves. The guys partied hard back then. The girls did too.
And then almost all the guys were gone.

The woman I fell in love with when I was 27 is next to me in bed, 30 years later.

Life is like the Fado song: “ Leave it for tomorrow, you might as well live today.”

I draw and paint for money now but I have been other things, a welder, a sailor, a teacher,
a nanny, an electrician, a waitress—there’s a lot more: jack of all trades, master of maybe
one or two.