Working through the body, through sex, through gender, intending to explore society and politics and homeostasis and introspection. Deconstruction is the name of this game. The medium is only as relevant as the message – the cold, hard line between figure and abstraction is better blurred. But why elaborate on the succinct? ‘To define is to limit’ – Oscar Wilde

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Chris Ironside is a Toronto-based artist working in photography and drawing. He is interested in representations of masculine ideals and identity through performance, documentation and the staged image. His newest body of work, Impossible Boys, will be shown in May during Toronto’s CONTACT Photography Festival at The Gladstone Hotel. He currently teaches photography in the School of Fine Art and Music (SOFAM) at the University of Guelph.



Matthew Lawrence is a writer, editor and curator from Providence, Rhode Island. In addition to co-editing and co-publishing Headmaster, he runs a small local literary events organization. Someone at a bar once described him as an expert on local libraries and prostitution, which is probably the best description of himself that he has heard. He was first published in $pread Magazine and first published in book form in an anthology called Coming and Crying. He wants to be a better photographer.


Ivan Lozano (Chicago, IL) is interested in the tension between folk religious practices and the spiritual void developing in contemporary, post-internet culture. The occult networks of influence in his work memorialize hidden or forgotten images, rituals and forms. This votive practice manifests itself in transdisciplinary sculptural constructions, photographic collages, and video projections. He is a powerful Pisces who received his M.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2011.

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Cuban-American Philadelphia artist Gabriel Martinez works in a variety of mediums: photography, installation, performance, sculpture, works on paper, and video. He has received two Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowships, a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant for Painters and Sculptors, and a Pew Fellowship in the Arts. Martinez teaches at the University of Pennsylvania.

Martinez’s work has been exhibited extensively: Bernice Steinbaum Gallery and Miami Art Central in Miami; ABC No Rio, Thread Waxing Space, White Columns, Exit Art & Franklin Furnace in New York; and in Philly at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Institute of Contemporary Art, the Art Alliance, Nexus Foundation for Today’s Art, Vox Populi, etc.


Walker Mettling prints posters, curates story events, digs for old bottles, and teaches comics and cartooning to kids in Providence. He co-edited the comics anthology, A Guy is Fighting a Monster Out of Nowhere and publishes the monthly magazine “Comics Showcase”.





Matias Uris was born in La Mancha, Spain, in June 1981. He currently lives in Madrid, where he studied performance art for four years before teaching himself photography. He began working as a magazine photographer by chance six years ago. He specializes in fashion photography but also makes male erotic photography. His most recent work was a collaboration with Nylon Japan. His favorite food is paella and Manchego cheese. He likes sunbathing and Madrid. He is hooked on Tumblr.


Jim Verburg is a citizen of Canada and the Netherlands who divides his time between Montreal and Toronto. His work addresses the complexities of relationships through photography, video, text, installation, and print, exploring modernist aesthetics, emotional matters, and the interpersonal.

His film For a Relationship won the 2008 Jury Prize for the Best Canadian Short Film at Toronto’s Inside Out Film Festival and was nominated for the Iris Prize in the UK. In 2009 he had a solo exhibition at Widmer and Theodoridis Contemporary in Zurich, and was featured by the gallery at the HOT ART Fair 2009 in Basel. Verburg’s solo show One and Two, which premiered last fall at Le Mois de la Photo in Montreal, was awarded the 2011 Dazibao prize.