HM_No_6_Bio_CheeAlexander Chee
August 21, Rhode Island
current city:
Austin TX (but usually New York)
TwitterFacebookTumblrWordPress, and Instagram.

What was your first record? Cassette? mp3?
My first record album was Shaun Cassidy’s eponymous debut solo album. My first cassette was Def Leppard’s Pyromania. And my first MP3 was quite possibly Kelly Clarkson’s Since You Been Gone.

What is your all-time favorite porn website?
Sort of a tie between TimTales and CockyBoys. But I like the amateur written porn over on Nifty, too.

Favorite beach?
Playa de los Muertos, in Spain, near Colmerias. You have to hike to it from the road.


HM_No_6_Bio_CozzensIan Cozzens
October 29, 1978; Washington D.C.
current city:
Secret Door Projects, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter

What is your earliest musical memory?
I had one of those things with a circle of rainbow bells on a central pivot, you could tap them with a stick to make notes… I remember many occasions of spinning it and holding the stick to the bells to make what must have been the most annoying (yet melodious) eternal rainbow scale ever… then you stick the stick between the bells and there’s a big CLONK and the whole thing flips over. Hours of entertainment!

What era of music are you currently most interested in?
In general: right now!? I like watching things change & develop. The musical era/scene I wish I’d been a participant in when it was happening: Chicago house in the 80s.

Three Favorite Tumblrs?
medievalpoc, tendertough, rainbowrollspo

HM_No_6_Bio_DiCapuaAnthony DiCapua
February 18 1990, Massapequa, NY
current city:

What are your favorite neighborhoods in New York?
South Williamsburg, Alphabet City, Rockaway Beach

What’s your favorite adult beverage?
I usually stick with beer because I can control my drunk-ness better

Favorite Olympic event?
Wrestling & Water Polo, but honestly just because of the men

HM_No_6_Bio_FisherLuka Fisher
March 12 1987, Phoenix
current city:
Los Angeles

When were you last on an airplane?
November 2013. I was flying to Washington, DC to help sue the NSA.

What’s been the best year of your life, in terms of education?
My senior year at Cranbrook.

What carniverous mammal do you most identify with?

HM_No_6_Bio_GideonseTed Gideonse
born: Cincinnati, Ohio
current city: Los Angeles, California
online:, Twitter, Facebook

What’s the most predominant color to be found in your underwear drawer?

What is your personal least favorite type of underwear?
Thong, tha-thong, thong, thong.

I consider myself graceful: True or False.
I wanted to say True, but my boyfriend gave me side-eye. So: False.

HM_No_6_Bio_HerrmannMatthias Herrmann
December 4, 1963, Munich
current city:
Vienna [Austria] / Riparbella [Italy]

What’s your biggest phobia?

Do you have a favorite porn movie? (What is it?)
YES! But i would like to keep this information private.

What would a psychologist have to say about you?
Cannot make up his mind whether he wants to be ambitious or not; too judgmental; wants to be loved by all.



HM_No_6_Bio_LambertMatt Lambert
born: 1982, Los Angeles
current city: Berlin / London
online:, Instagram

When did you last have an eye exam? What were the results?
3 years ago. 20/50

What’s your favorite romantic movie?
Ken Park

Do you like your glasses half empty or half full?
half empty


HM_No_6_Bio_MarreBarry Marré
born: 14 February 1980, Rotterdam
current city: Rotterdam
online: Website, Instagram, Twitter

List in order of preference: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics
Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Physics

What’s your favorite hotspot in Rotterdam?
BAR. Fun place to have some drinks!

Fill in the blank: Tom Ford is my hero.



HM_No_6_Bio_SmithStephen Scott Smith
born: scruff birthdate or birthdate birthdate? (and Philadelphia)
current city: new york city
online: seems like time for a phil collins song break

What’s your preferred means of communication?
look into my eyes little emoji

If we gave you a time machine where would you go with it?
i’m seeing mojave desert time machine party in headmaster’s future

A, E, I, O, or U? Y?
come on baby, you know i love u