Welcome to Headmaster No. 8. Video by headmaster. (2017)

Headmaster No. 7 — The Field Trip Issue. Video by Nangyeong Gloria Lee. (2015)

Introducing the Headmaster Malebag! Video by Mary Kang, music courtesy of the late Mieczysław Wojnicki. (2014)

Headmaster lets loose; music by Patrick Cowley (used with permission, courtesy of Dark Entries Records). (2014)

A quiet moment with Headmaster; music courtesy of a very young Caruso. (2012)

The Story of Headmaster, Chapter 1 (2010)

Ivan Lozano, King Neptune. Project for Headmaster no. 3 (2012)

M Kitchell, Narrative Zones of Pornography. Project for Headmaster no. 2 (2011)